While starting a new year it is good to set up new goals. But we should be careful with the new goals which are the first time for us. We should make some preparations before starting the goals. In this way, instead of starting new goals immediately, we can start to habituate to realize these goals.

In 2020, a goal of mine is improving my English. Although I have been using English in my life for 6 years. I notice the lack of my English knowledge. I can understand the frequently used words which I encountered, but sometimes the words which are not frequently used becomes hard to understand for me. The school generally dwells on grammar and writing, the listening and speaking are staying weak for students. Whereas, A word that you can understand when you read, is not understood when you listen. Because in listening some differences are varying from person to person and culture to culture. I have decided to improve my English Because I noticed the situation. I think to start watching at least one English video every day.

The other goal of mine in 2020 is learning Linux deeper. It is because if you understand an operating system, you also understand well the many things on that operating system such as software and networks. So I think that it will give me many things for my professional development.

The last goal of mine which seems to be unimportant is reading philosophy, but I think it is so important. Because philosophy improves thinking. If we want to throw a new idea into the pot, we should read the philosophy. Because philosophy examines deeply the subject which is ignored by most of the people. We do not know how we are sure that the fundamental things are accuracy and precision, however, we try to build new ideas constantly. How can you raise a building which has a skewed base?